School Meals

Brookvale Canteen
Brookvale operates its own catering service and aims to provide healthy nutritious food, cooked on its premises, using locally sourced produce where possible.  Fruit is available throughout the day.
Breakfast Club - is open daily from 8am to 8.35am, and students can buy cereal, toast and drinks.
Break - is 11am to 11.20am and students can buy toast, paninis, pizza slices, and breakfast baguettes.


Lunch - is served between 1.20pm and 1.45pm and students can buy a traditional hot dinner, pasta or jacket potatoes, with a side serving of vegetables or salad and a piece of fruit for £2.20.  A vegetarian option is always available.  Cold baguettes are on offer, with a piece of fruit for £2.20.




Cashless Catering


The Canteen operates a cashless system.  Students are recognised by their thumbprint.  Adding money to a student's lunch account is a simple process through our Internet payment system.




If you haven't yet registered to make Internet payments please


.  By registering for Internet payments you are able to see what your child buys and the balance on their account.  It is possible for students to bring in small amounts of money to school to add to their acounts, but it is only allowed at limited times of the day and there is often a queue for this service.


If you have already registered, click on the pound sign on the left.




Free School Meals


Students eligible for free school meals use the cashless system in exactly the same way as everybody else.  If you are not sure if you are eligible for free school meals please click here.  All students transferring to Brookvale from a City School will need to re-apply for their free school meal entitlement to Leicestershire County Council.