The House System


The House System at Brookvale High School has been created to encourage healthy competition through a number of opportunities along with instilling a sense of belonging in students, which encourages team work and co-operation.  Each house participates in a vast array of practical competitions, e.g. netball, dodgeball, sports day and football; as well as having competitions based around subject areas, such as creating house mascots (Art), writing short stories (English) and house chants (Music).  All students are encouraged to take an active role in house competitions, and with the wide variety of opportunities we ensure that everyone feels they have the opportunity to get involved.

Our House Captains are required to set an outstanding example to other students in regards to behaviour, their attitude to learning and their participation in all aspects of school life.  This year, our House Captains have been working very hard to ensure that the highest levels of participation in house activiites has been achieved. With the support of House Leaders and regular meetings with form reps, they have ensured that all students are able to enjoy everything the House System can add to their experience of school life.

Please watch this page for regular updates of competitions and current house standings.
Who will be lifting the House Cup at the end of the year?

House Captains


Amazon Captains 

Mississippi Captains 
Amazon House Mississippi House

Nile Captains 

Yangtse Captains 

Nile House Yangtse House

House Standings

Yangtse 2nd