Attendance Matters



There is a clear link between attendance and achievement.  Whenever a child misses school through illness, holidays or truancy they miss out on important learning.  This time can never be caught up.  Regular attendance is the most important factor in a child reaching their full potential.


Who is the Attendance Officer?

Mrs Clarke (Attendance Officer) has worked in the Attendance Team for 8 years.  Her role has expanded to include attendance improvement, previously covered by the education Welfare Service for Leicesterhsire County Council.  As well as monitoring attendance, Mrs Clarke will be liaising with parents directly and meeting with you and students to support improvement in attendance and resolve issues.  Occasionally she may arrange home visits to deal with non-attendance or may refer cases for prosecution.  Please support Brookvale by contacting Mrs Clarke to discuss any aspects of your child's attendance that is a concern.


Tel: 0116 2876914, ext. 150; e-mail:

Mrs Clarke is here to help you.


Did you know?

If a student has 90% attendance that actually means that they are away from school for half a day every week!

The big surprise is that if a student has 90% attendance all through their time at high school and college they will actually miss half a year of schooling!


What can you do?

Contact us on 0116 2876914 on each day that your child is absent, and leave a message on the absence line.  Please also phone on any subsequent days of illness and for medical appointments where possible, please make the appointments out of school hours.

Contact us immediately if you think that there are problems in school that are affecting your child’s attendance.

Talk to your child about the importance of attendance and punctuality.

Work with us and support us in our work to improve attendance and punctuality.



What will we do? 

We will contact you on the first day of absence by text if we have not been given a reason for absence, please telephone us in response to the message.  If we have not been given a reason, absences will be recorded as unauthorised.

We will contact you if we have any concerns over attendance and punctuality.

We will support you in promoting good attendance and punctuality.

New Guidelines, re. Holiday taken in Term Time

New government guidleines, which came into effect on 1 September 2013, prevent Headteachers from granting leave of absence during term time, unless there are exceptional circumstances.  A family holiday during term-time does not fall under the category of  'exceptional circumstances' and we are therefore unable to authorise absence for a family holiday request.

Prolonged periods of unauthorised absence may lead to a Fixed Penalty Notice.  Holidays of five days or longer are likely to result in the issuing of a Fixed Penalty Notice.